Moving to the North Shore Suburbs and the Chicago area in general can be somewhat overwhelming. I have tried to simplify the process for you by putting the information my clients request the most in one place. I am glad to answer your questions, show you different areas and make recommendations.

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State and Local Community Information

This section has links to the counties I service. They contain a wealth of information about local communities and more links.

I also have links to the state of Illinois and the Department of Natural Resources which governs Illinois State Parks. You can find in-depth information about several local communities, including park district information and local real estate listings currently on the market. Finally, there is a link to check on whether a community charges a tax on the sale of real estate, if so who pays it and whether a community requires inspections. (The state of Illinois and local counties tax the sale of real estate but not every community has a municipal tax.)


School Information

School report cards, comparisons and more

Transportation Options

METRA Train Service - Commuter railroad service throughout the Chicagoland area. Schedules, routes and more
Pace Bus - Local bus service throughout the area
IDOT - (Illinois Department of Transportation)- Covers roads, highways and tollroads throughout the area
Chicago Airports - Links to both Chicago’s major airports
Milwaukee Airport - An alternative to Chicago’s airports